This article was originally published on The Iris

Gazing out a window may, at first, feel like a lonely act—especially now, as many of us are spending most of our time at home, away from loved ones and our daily routines. But a window can also help open up our worlds, framing the life that still goes on outside. Taking a moment to acknowledge the quiet beauty of trees rustling in the breeze, children playing catch, and neighbors rushing home with shopping bags reminds us that an infinite number of stories are unfolding every day, right outside.

Artistic inspiration, too, can be found simply by gazing out (or in) a window. The view from an artist’s window may reveal how they interpret the world outside or illuminate the story unfolding inside. (In 2014, there was a Getty exhibition on the topic.)

Take a look at the paintings and photographs below to discover a few ways artists have featured windows in their work. While many of us are spending more time looking out our windows than ever before, these works demonstrate the power and beauty that can be found in this quiet act.

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