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Originally published in The Huffington Post

One photography fan took a leap of faith when he proposed to his girlfriend last week, and he has a photo to prove it.

New Yorkers Peter and Betsy are huge fans of photographer Jordan Matter, whose photo series “Dancers Among Us” captures professional dancers striking poses in public places. Peter told HuffPost Weddings that he knew Betsy loved Matter’s work, so he decided to pop the question by having Matter take a “Dancers Among Us”-style photo of him holding a sign that said “Will you marry me?”

Peter said he intended to display the photo in an art gallery and pop the question after taking Betsy to see it. But Matter offered an even better idea: in addition to taking the photo of Peter, he would also include it in his upcoming New York City outdoor art installation (hosted by arts promoter Arts Brookfield), so Betsy could see the photo projected on the side of a building alongside Matter’s other photos.

Peter agreed, so on May 7, he and Matter went to Times Square to take the photo. Peter said they probably took close to a hundred photos to get the best shot (neither he nor Betsy are trained dancers).

“I did about 10 jumps in a row. Then it was just tiring,” Peter said. “I had always wondered what the photo shoots were like, and now I have a more profound respect for Jordan and the dancers.”

The next night, Peter asked Betsy to come and see Matter’s art installation. Matter’s photos were displayed as a slideshow, and the last photo was Peter’s.

“Betsy was shocked and stunned. It took her a few seconds to realize it was me in the photo,” Peter said. But she said “yes!”