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Originally published in FabFitFun

We totally love our OB-GYNs, but mammograms? As necessary as they are, we gotta admit they’re not the most fun part of our day. But what if we told you researchers have discovered a way to detect breast cancer years before (and with a higher accuracy) than routine mammograms?

Excuse us, but we may have just heard the sound of millions of women jumping for joy!
It might seem too good to be true, but listen up: the Breast Tissue Screening Bra may be the next breakthrough in the battle against breast cancer. This sports bra-like garment detects early signs of cancer by measuring changes in cell temperature and breast tissue. When worn continuously, it has been shown to spot breast cancer as many as six years before traditional screenings would have, with a 92.1% accuracy rate (as opposed to mammograms’ 70% accuracy rate). Now that’s amazeballs!

The BTSB (or can we suggest renaming it “the iBra”) will reportedly undergo a fourth and final clinical trial soon, and may be submitted to the FDA for approval as early as 2014.

Let’s give three cheers to the totes genius scientists who invented the most high-tech bra we’ve ever seen!