Originally published in The Huffington Post

Katie Wanner thought her boyfriend, Blake Harris, was in for the biggest surprise when she shocked him with a 30th birthday party. But the tables were turned when he gave her a surprise of his own: a marriage proposal!

Harris posted a video on YouTube of himself proposing to Wanner at the surprise birthday party she threw for him at their apartment in Queens, New York on Friday (watch the video above).

Harris told HuffPost Weddings that he planned to pop the question at a restaurant in San Francisco on December 22. The engagement ring he bought for Harris wasn’t supposed to be ready for pick-up until Monday, but on Friday his jeweler called and told him it was ready early. So Harris happened to have the ring in his pocket when he arrived at his surprise party later that night.

Though he had no intentions of proposing that night, the presence of his family and friends and the fact that he happened to have the ring convinced him to pop the question.

“As soon as I walked through the door and saw Katie smiling at me, that sneaky, beautiful, I-just-pulled-off-a-surprise-party smile, I knew that the moment was right,” Harris said.

Harris said everyone, even himself, was shocked by the proposal, which he called “surreal.” Luckily, his uncle Brad Fazarri caught the whole thing on video (and, of course, Wanner said “yes”).

“I don’t like being the center of attention, and thought (like always) that beautiful Katie should be in the spotlight,” said Harris, who has been dating Wanner since they met at a financial brokerage firm more than six years ago. “It was a split-second decision and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.”

Harris’ proposal is among many great surprises. Last year, one man proposed to his girlfriend over the loudspeaker on an airplane, and in August a woman got proposed to at an art museum.